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Wells Fargo Bank Illegal Foreclosure of 15 W. Spring St., Alexandria, VA


You may have seen 15 W. Spring St., Alexandria VA on the Market FOR SALE


aka MAYS & VALENTINE For EXPOSING Their MANIPULATION and TAMPERING with or STEALING FROM TRUST ACCOUNTS that they MANIPULATED $30.000.00 in 1990 from Janice Wolk Grenadier


TROUTMAN PEPPER HAMILTON SANDERS aka MAYS & VALENTINE - claims to be the lawyer for Wells Fargo Bank -"OOPS" Wells Fargo Bank in taped conversations and when responding to subpoenas had no clue TROUTMAN PEPPER HAMILTON SANDERS aka MAYS & VALENTINE was or is their lawyer Read More:

The home was illegally foreclosed on in March of 2018

It was an illegal Foreclosure - Here are the documents to prove it:

It has been stated in court by Lawyers from Troutman Pepper Hamilton Sanders for Wells Fargo Bank that they owned the loan and foreclosed on it-

But, Wells Fargo Bank in taped conversations with owner Janice Wolk Grenadier deny that and put it in writing directly to the Court and in a Notarized letter:



LOOKING TO BUY 15 W. Spring St., Alexandria VA 22301 -

It has a cloud on the title - As it is clear there was NO LOAN on the Property by Wells Fargo Bank who

illegally foreclosed on the Home - - 

If you have any questions please contact Janice Wolk Grenadier - at 202-368-7178

Founder of 

You may want to check out these cases:  

USA CFPB SEC Treasury, v Wells Fargo Bank, OCWEN/PHH, New Rez, Charles Scharf, Glenn Messina, Troutman Pepper Hamilton Sanders, Brock & Scott, BWW Law Group, McCabe Weisberg Conway et al

Government Grievance Virginia Courts are Racist, Predatory and Dishonest JWG v Chief Justice of

the Supreme Court of Virginia Donald Lemons, Chief Judge of the City of Alexandria Circuit Court Donald Haddock Sr. (Ret), Judge James Clark of the City of Alexandria Circuit Court, Judge Thomas Padrick (Ret) from the Virginia Beach Circuit Court appointed to oversee the case of Janice Wolk Grenadier the x-wife of the son of a Judge and Mary Jones the daughter of a Judge from Suffolk County Virginia. Judge Padrick was appointed by Justice Lemons to ensure JWG and Mary Jones never got Justice


  1. Yes, we at Americans Against Foreclosures ( AFF ) have been seeing this every day since 2008.


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