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CPAC on the Road to Pennsylvania on September 19, 2020

  Countdown to CPAC Pennsylvania Don’t miss out! Be there September 19 and stand for America! Register Now With less than three months to go before our next presidential election, Democrats are scrambling to disparage, downplay, and mischaracterize our successful policies because they can’t justify their own. Biden may be on the ballot, but America is on the line.Labeling us “deplorables” was the initial shot across the bow. Next, they took aim with the Russian collusion hoax and its duplicitous Ukrainian cousin. After that, they weaponized the Wuhan coronavirus. Now they are ripping America apart in a final, desperate attempt to dismantle our democracy. While Leftists burn resources in a futile mission to search-and-destroy, conservatives are implementing solutions to build our country up. The fight between the Left and the Right is real. The battle between freedom and authoritarianism is playing out in state capitals, in Washington D.C., and in countries around the globe. CPAC is an
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Standing Up and Speaking Out Star TV Bob Sharp

Robert Sharp and JW Grenadier Discuss the Corruption in the courts in Virginia.  The following links will take you to the shows. We in America and in Virginia have an issue with the Judiciary and we need to "WAKE UP".  Our courts, especially in Virginia, are for "SALE" - "Justice is purchased no longer a Right" Jan 9, 2020 Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Jan 16, 2020  Part 1   Part  2   Part  3   Part 4 Jan 23, 2020  Part 1 Part  2 Part 3

CPAC on the Road to Memphis - - - -

All ages are represented at CPAC.  American Legal News has covered CPAC at the Gaylord for several years and believes it to be the United States Constitutional Basis FOR THE PEOPLE. The "WE THE PEOPLE"  movement is to take back our country as patriots,  using the rights that have been given us by the United States Constitution. In covering the events I have appreciated the subject matter that CPAC covers - especially the injustice to many Americans as we get further in the rabbit hole of a two-tier system in our courts. Any time you have an opportunity to attend a CPAC event we highly recommend it.   You will walk away with a new understanding of what many patriots are fighting for when they fight for Justice in America as given us by our Constitution. CPAC Memphis The American Conservative Union Foundation will be hosting CPAC Memphis on October 29 and we'd like to invite you to attend. This will be the second time CPAC will be coming to Memphis to ho

Why do Judges Believe they have "ABSOLUTE IMMUNITY"

THE  MUTILATION  / STERILIZATION of a 15 year old young girl  HAS GIVEN THE “ CASE LAW” not the “LAW”   used by JUDGES across the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA to FALSELY BELIEVE THAT JUDGES are “ABOVE THE LAW”   and have “ABSOLUTE IMMUNITY” Supreme Court of the United States   (SCOTUS) Stump v. Sparkman, 435 U.S. 349 (1978) No. 76-1750 Argued January 10, 1978 Decided March 28, 1978 Syllabus A mother filed a petition in affidavit from in an Indiana Circuit Court, a court of general jurisdiction under an Indiana statute, for authority to have her "somewhat retarded" 15-year-old daughter (a respondent here) sterilized, and petitioner Circuit Judge approved the petition the same day in an ex parte proceeding without a hearing and without notice to the daughter or appointment of a guardian ad litem. The operation was performed shortly thereafter, the daughter having been told that she was to have her appendix removed. About two years later, s

The State of Pennsylvania "Cash for the Elderly" is MURDERING the elderly for profit of Judges "friends"

The State of Pennsylvania "Cash for the Elderly"  is MURDERING the elderly for the profit of Judges "friends" Genevieve Bush 89 of Chester County, Pennsylvania Before the Guardianship Today Nearly a decade in, Genevieve Bush, 89, continues to be held in guardianship against her will, against  advanced directives, her life savings is nearly depleted.  The Estate Battle Bush’s saga started approximately fifteen years ago, when Genevieve Bush’s sons, Joseph and Michael, challenged the estate of her and her husband.  After her husband had a stroke and was hospitalized in November 2003, they saw an opening, according to a letter she wrote in 2007, to her brother Leon.  “In April 2004, before Fabian (her husband) passed, Joseph asked me to sign a blank check…Joe asked me to sign more blank checks so he could move the money…In May of 2005, Joe called me and told me he was putting stocks in my name…Then, (a) month later in June, Joe Deci